Cindy Sawyer Shares About Her Son and Autism

Redox Asea: No Longer a Mistery

Cindy Sawyer Shares About Her Son and Autism

My name is Cindy Sawyer and this is my ASEA story. My son at the age of six had a learning issue we knew something was wrong and really didn’t know where to go but I found a homeopathic doctor that did testing on him we found that he had toxic levels of lead and mercury so over the course from six to the age of 17 we tried everything we could and following many directions at different homeopathic doctors to try to pull the lead mercury out we spent thousands and thousands of dollars over this course of years not giving up looking for anything to help him the anguish of that experience not only for me as a mother not being able to help him trying to learn as much as I can to try to help him and also his personal anguish because he knew something was wrong and he didn’t want to be that way.

When he was 15 he said mom please help me you’ve got to help me I can’t live like this that scared me so I knew that I had to push and really really go into research so you know we tried different again more protocols spending more thousands of dollars to try to get this out still he was still the same nothing was helping. Through my education through redox signaling molecules I have learned that it causes the body’s natural production over 500 percent of glutathione and coupling that with the same about the same time of finding out that children with learning disabilities are autistic and even Alzheimer’s different people have high toxic levels of mercury and those people also don’t have glutathione so there’s a glutathione connection with the inability to get out of get mercury out of the body so I connected the dots and I went oh my gosh ASEA redox signaling molecules that which causes that body’s natural production of glutathione is my son’s answer this is what I’ve been looking for and I’ve known about ASEA for six months and …

Didn’t know this would possibly help him so I told my son and you know this is going to work but we have to be scientific about this approach so that we can show people the results so before I let him have one drop we retested him for heavy metals of lead and Mercury and we also drove him to Florida to have the John Hopkins brain biopsy test it’s done through a blood test it’s expensive but I knew is going to work and I knew I had to have that marker when we got the results back thirty days later his lead and Mercury was more toxic than it had been in previous years it had gotten worse and also the blood test came back horrible it came back that he had what they called negative 41% myelin sheath damage meaning that the mercury had eroded almost 50% of his myelin sheath out of his brain that made me cry and I didn’t even tell him how bad it was because I knew that if the molecules didn’t work that our family was going to be in a situation in about ten years and I felt like this was his only hope so we put him on twelve ounces a day a sauna he’s continued vitamins and minerals and b12 we’d stay with that some electrolytes and in two months of being on ASEA he didn’t notice the difference but one morning after one year of having piano lessons and still playing like a little tiny kindergartner one you go two months of ASEA one morning one year of piano lessons showed up he was playing piano in the other room like my daughter who plays like a genius on the piano he was playing I thought it was her when she came out of the bathroom and I and I saw her it was my husband and I looked at each other with oh my god that’s our son how can he do this in three months he started sweating lead and Mercury out of his body because it came out in the sauna on the towels in brownish greyish sweat all over the towels and about four and a half months that quit that was a signal to me let’s get him retested we got him retested at five months there’s no lead and mercury in his body it is all out so I gave it an anniversary in one year of being on the molecules drove me back to Florida to had the John Hopkins brain test to find out if hopefully the myelin sheath change maybe there’s maybe 10% growth effect I’m hoping for anything so the results came back the end of December of 2011 100% growth back on his myelin sheath he has zero myelin sheath damaged now it’s all grown back so my son has a whole brain now and now what he’s doing is spending his time catching up for the time that was lost and he has his 117 life and I have my son.


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